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The Railton Owners Club Spares Scheme

New Spares:

The ROC offers an extensive range of new old stock (NOS), original and re-manufactured parts to Full Members only. These parts, (mostly mechanical), are suitable for most 6 and 8 cylinder, Railton, Brough Superior and Hudson Terraplane vehicles built between 1932 and 1952. We normally hold a stock of over 300 line items, but availability and prices change occasionally.


Any NOS parts are supplied in good faith but you may wish to consider that just a few may be over 70 years old, even if they are in original packaging.
The ROC does not re-manufacture new parts. We commission a number of independent suppliers to re-manufacture parts, possibly using materials that are better than the originals.

  • The ROC insurance cover for parts sales is worldwide with one or two exceptions.
  • The Club tries to ensure that all new parts are fit for purpose, but a Full Member buying any part should ascertain upon receipt that they or their installers are satisfied with the part before fitment. Please check with the Spares Registrar regarding our returns policy. This information is particularly relevant to ‘critical’ parts, which could be defined as brake, steering, suspension and transmission spares.

All new parts are stored in Yorkshire. Parts are dispatched by mail or courier but collection is available by appointment. The ‘Spares Scheme’ is operated on behalf of the Club by Mike Stenhouse, the Spares Registrar. To check availability, prices and delivery costs, please contact Mike. Email spares@railton.org or telephone 44 (0) 113 2504896.

To view a list of spares available click here:   2021 Spares List – unpriced

Members only: To view a fully priced list of parts please click here, Spares list 2021

Second Hand Spares:

The ROC offers a variety of second hand spares from our storage facility in Worcestershire to Full members only. These include many items which are not available as new parts, but which may be suitable for repair or restoration. Again many of the parts are of a mechanical nature, including some road springs, rear axle half shafts, suspension items, gearbox and engine parts etc. We do sometimes have available very rare parts such as dashboard switches and instruments etc. We do not normally have available body panels as so many different coachbuilders were used over the years, but when something rare becomes available we buy it for stock. (Recently, a Railton radiator/grille, complete with stone guard!) Our second hand stock currently occupies several storage units. Too many to list! Some second hand spares are large/heavy, in which case collection is recommended by appointment, rather than postage/shipping.

For further information/enquiries relating to second hand parts please contact Peter Adamson on 44 (0)7890 205862 or email Iain McKenzie at iain@fairmilerestorations.co.uk.


For spares payment options, please look at the ‘Methods of Payment’ page of this website or the ROC Bulletin. (N.B. It is possible to pay for second hand spares in cash, which will then be offset against the storage facility charges.)

MEMBERS – Please Login to view the Priced Spares List. The password will be changed at renewal time and the new password advised to members when they have renewed their membership.