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Membership List

We are now providing this as a viewable/downloadable format on the website. It will be continually updated and therefore more accurate than the previous annual hard copy.

We wish to fully comply with the Data Protection legislation; therefore this list can be viewed by only members of the Club.

MEMBERS – Please Login to view the Membership List. The password will be changed at renewal time and the new password advised to members when they have renewed their membership.

The Railton Owners’ Club and its obligations to Members under the Data Protection Regulations contained in the 2018 Act

  1. The Club understands and takes seriously its obligations with respect to holding data about its members
  2. The Club will hold data about its members only for the purposes of its stated objectives as set out in the Articles of Association dated September 2021 and the current Members’ Agreement.
  3. It is a condition of membership of the Club that members allow the Club to hold information about them and their motor cars.
  4. Data held by the Club about any member will not be passed to a third party without the express permission of that member.
  5. The Club will take whatever action it deems necessary to secure and protect the privacy of members’ information.
  6. A current Membership List will be accessible to members only, in a restricted area of the Club Website.
  7. Any member may ask for his/her personal data to be withheld from the published Membership List and such request will be acted upon.
  8. Any member may request amendments or corrections to the data held by the Club about them and the Club will act upon such request.
  9. If and when any individual ceases to be a member of the Club any data held about that individual will be deleted from the current Membership List.

R.O.C. Data Protection Statement, March 2018 (revised Sept. 2021).