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The Railton Owners Club maintains an extensive database of cars which includes many vehicles which are no longer extant. From time to time a Register has been published listing all surviving vehicles. This has recently been updated and is now available to Members via the Club’s website.

To make it more manageable, it is split into three components: Brough Superior, Railton and HET. The few special cars, mainly associated with Reid Railton, which are included in the database are not listed in these tables.

The first column contains the original registration number, the current registration number and the original licencing authority. The registers for Railton and Brough Superior cars are sorted by original registration number. In some cases this is not known and “??? ???” is substituted. These cars appear at the front of the listing in no particular order. The number in the bottom of the registration column is the vehicle’s unique reference in the Club database, important when no registration number is known.

The HET grouping is restricted to HET cars in the UK as it is impracticable to even consider all the thousands of such vehicles surviving in other parts of the world. As so many HET cars are imported, it makes more sense to sort these in order of their current registration number, so original registrations numbers, even if known, are not listed.

The second column lists Make, chassis number, registration date and year of manufacture.

The third column lists body type, original coachbuilder, body style, Coachcraft body number (where applicable) and colour.

The letter in the condition column signifies:
AR   awaiting restoration
B      being restored
O      original
OR   older restoration
R      restored

If a vehicle is owned by an active Club Member the contact details are included in column five but otherwise this is left blank because, under the European General Data Protection Regulations, we are not permitted to publish such data without express permission. However if there is a number in the box this is the owner’s Membership Number, even if their membership is no longer current.

MEMBERS – PPlease Login to view the Register Lists. The password will be changed at renewal time and the new password advised to members when they have renewed their membership