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methods of payment

See “Membership” page if you wish to join or renew your membership of the Club. Here is a summary of the methods of payment available for membership and purchase of Club Shop items.

PAYMENT BY CHEQUE: Cheques (sterling only) should be made payable to “Railton Owners Club”.

For RENEWALS, post to Sarah Browne, Treasurer, Harley House, Suckley Road, Leigh, Worcs. WR6 5LE.

For NEW MEMBERS and CLUB SHOP items, post to Max Hunt, Secretary, Abberley Cottage, 7 Dowles Road, Bewdley, Worcestershire DY12 2EJ

PAYPAL VIA THE WEBSITE: For Club Shop or Membership, go to the relevant page. (You do not need to log in to the Member-Only pages to purchase items or for membership). Scroll down to the buttons and click on the correct “Add to Cart” button.
Checkout using PayPal. The Treasurer receives a notification that you have paid by PayPal.

BANK TRANSFER: Make a sterling BACS payment directly into the ROC bank account. Quote reference of your surname/membership number (if known) so that we can identify the payment. If paying from outside the UK then please ensure you pay any bank’s fees so that the Club receives the correct amount.

HSBC Bank Sort Code: 40-17-04 Account Number: 91009877

IBAN: GB90HBUK40202711630628 BIC: HBUKGB4130T


NOTE: It is much easier to go to the Club Shop or Membership page and use the “Add to Cart” buttons and checkout using PayPal (see above) as the correct amount is calculated for you when you pay.

However for other purchases, such as spares, we appreciate that you will have to use the “Send Money” facility in your PayPal account. Please note that using PayPal incurs a transaction charge to the Club which is why any payment will be slightly higher if you use this method. This is still cheaper than sending money abroad by other means and is, of course, a convenient method for a number of members in the UK.

Registered users of PayPal can use the “Send Money” facility from their account but you must send the money to treasurer@railton.org in sterling (this is shown as GBP in PayPal).

Please check you have the correct spelling for “treasurer” as each year we get a number of payments rejected because this is spelt incorrectly when the payment is sent from PayPal.

If you do opt to pay directly from your PayPal account for Membership, then please check the correct amount on the Membership page.

If you do pay directly from your PayPal account for Club Shop items, you need to add the following amounts to the total cost of your order including postage to cover PayPal fees. Total up to £10 (add £0.50); up to £14 (add £0.75); up to £19 (add £1.00); up to £24 (add £1.25). You can either list your order in the “message” area in PayPal or e-mail separately to Max Hunt (see Contact Us).

STANDING ORDERS: Please contact the Treasurer (see Contact Us page) if you wish to receive a Standing Order mandate form in order to set-up your membership renewal by this method. If you use internet banking, you can set-up your standing order yourself using ROC Bank Details above. The date for the payment is 1st September and is an annual payment. Quote reference of your surname/membership number so we can identify