Register of Cars

The Register is a record of all Railtons, Brough Superiors, Hudsons, Essex and Terraplanes that have ever come to the attention of the Railton Owners Club. It contains details of cars which we know still exist and whether they are owned by members or not. If they are ‘missing’ we may have records of the last known owner and location and also we know the sad fate of some that were scrapped in earlier years. In addition, we often have a history of ownership since the 1950’s and in some cases from new.

We are currently in the process of a complete update of the Register and when this is complete it will be converted into PDF format and loaded on to the website.

Like the Membership List this will only be available to members and access will be by password.

If you are interested in purchasing a car and would like to know it the ROC has any records, our Registrar will be pleased to respond to an enquiry.

Similarly if you know of a car somewhere we may not! Our Registrar will be pleased to hear from you. Email: .