Railton Owners Club


The Railton Owners Club was founded in 1956 by a group of like minded owners of Railton cars. The initial aims were to arrange social events and gatherings of cars; to provide technical information to help owners maintain their vehicles and to communicate with members via a regular magazine which was to become: “The Bulletin”.

Later in the Club’s life, owners of Brough Superior, Essex, Terraplane and Hudson vehicles were invited to apply for membership as most of these models share the same mechanical components.

You will see from the Club Services detailed below that we still live up to the original aims and have expanded our objectives.

Membership normally numbers some 200 and extends around the world. If you would like to know a little more about the cars we cater for, take a look at our “History of Cars”. For general information about the Club email: chairman@railton.org . Please see “Contact Us” for membership and other specific enquiry contacts.


  • Bi-Monthly “Bulletin” the Club magazine.
  • Technical information. (We hold master copies of workshop manuals which are available electronically to members and have over 50 years of accumulated knowledge).
  • Club Approved Spares Scheme”. See the Spares page for details. In summary we have a large inventory of parts to help keep your car on the road. These include new parts re-manufactured to original patterns, service items, second hand parts and even carry stocks of tyres at more competitive prices than leading suppliers.
  • Register of Cars. Since the early days of the Club, we have maintained a register of all known Railtons, Broughs, Terraplanes and Hudsons. This includes details and history of cars owned by members and non members, the last known location and in some cases the fate of those that have been scrapped. The register is available for members only to view and download. We are however happy to respond to individual enquiries about a specific car within the constraints of the ‘Data Protection Act’. We would also like to hear of any cars you may know about. Contact registrar@railton.org
  • A current Membership List is available to be viewed by members only on the website.
  • Club Shop; Offering some regalia, leaflets and books published by the R.O.C.
  • Annual National Meeting weekends, normally in June, held in different locations of the UK. These include road trips, visits to places of interest, concours and restoration judging with awards. The Club is a highly social organisation so a semi formal dinner occurs on the Saturday evening.
  • Annual AGM weekend meetings, normally held at the end of September or beginning of October. A similar format to the National but with the AGM held on the Sunday morning.
  • Occasional European Tour arrangements organised by individual members.
  • Support and attendance at other National events such as Kop Hill Climb, Prescott and the NEC Classic Car Show.
  • Many of the cars are eligible for VSCC membership and some members rally their cars. Some have also been raced in the UK and USA.


From the ‘Motor’ Magazine 12th November 1935

“The Railton Light Sports: Phenomenal Acceleration – Outstanding Road Holding and Brakes which give 100 per cent. Efficiency – Silent Engine”


“Speeds on Top Gear 107.14 m.p.h. timed over the quarter mile. Standstill – 60 m.p.h. 8.8 seconds.”